Frequently Asked Questions & Helpful Tips

We've outlined even more useful tips and frequently asked questions to help keep our customers informed.


Do I really need a maintenance contract?

Spending too little on maintenance costs you much more than spending too much. Spending too much will always net you top service with the possibility of wasting the overage only.  Spending too little, most frequently leads to frequent breakdowns and ultimately shorten useful life of the equipment.  

I need to get three quotes on a compressor, can you provide me with one?

There is more than just receiving a quote from a contractor. First of all, if you are looking for a low cost, we’re not a low cost provider – we are a quality contractor. When getting multiple prices, there may be significant differences in product quality, attention to detail, and overall job thoroughness being proposed. We will quote what is asked of us, but we put quality over lower cost. You will pay more money in the long run by cutting corners.

All contractors are the same, so why is there a service rate difference?

No, not all contractors are the same. The rates are different based on several factors.

  1. Quality of the service the technician is going to provide.
  2. Training/schooling. All of our technicians complete an initial 5-year training program followed by on-going equipment specific training throughout their careers.
  3. Trust.  Some contractors lower their service rate, only to charge for parts whether they are needed or not.  We are not and will not be that type of contractor.

Maintenance Cost

The lowest maintenance cost is frequently the most expensive. A highly trained professional technician can easily save the cost difference between quality service and average service by simply making the correct diagnosis the first time.


Keeping old, but well-running HVAC systems can drive up utility and maintenance costs. An economic evaluation of your system may be helpful in your budget planning.

Disaster Planning

We can assist you with contingency plans for disaster planning.  Pre-planning for emergency generator hook-up can quickly return your business to normal in an emergency. Pre-planning for rental chiller hook-up can save time and money. Ask about contingency planning.

HVAC Installation

The installed cost of an HVAC system is just a part of the total cost of ownership over the service life of the system. Some of the other significant costs are cost of energy consumed, cost of maintenance, and longevity. Early replacement is costly. We can help you select a system that is energy efficient, has lower maintenance costs, and, if properly maintained, will have a long service life!

Utility use and Tax Exemption

Did you know that if your office shares a utility meter with your manufacturing facility a significant portion of your utility bill may be tax exempt? For more information, ask us about sales tax on utility.

Air Filters

There are many different types and levels of quality air filters. The right filter, serviced at the right time can save you money and improve the indoor air quality in your facility. Let us help you develop the right filter program for your needs.


Changing thermostats from the normal setting to more conservative setting when rental spaces are vacant can sometimes raise utility costs rather than lower them. Our technicians can help you find the most economical settings for your particular building.

Cooling Coil

Did you know that there is an inexpensive cooling coil drain pan treatment that can save maintenance costs and reduce the likelihood of mold growth? We can help you determine if drain pan treatment is right for your system.

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